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Area of Specialization: Cognitive Science (esp. Skill, Perception, Visual Search, Creativity), Action, Phil. of Psychology

Areas of Competence: Mind, Epistemology, Existentialism, Early Chinese Philosophy, Logic, Ethics


PhD - University of Utah, Philosophy - in progress

BS - University of Oklahoma, Philosophy, December 2016

Spencer A. Ivy

Link to Full CV [Here]
Updated: October 5th, 2023

Graduate Coursework

At The University of Utah (*Audits):

Aristotle, Siebels-Peterson, Fall 2017

Personal Identity, Millgram, Fall 2017

Practical Reasoning, Andreou, Fall 2017

Adv. Deductive Logic, Schupbach, Spring 2018

Attention: Art & Aesthetics, Stokes, Spring 2018

Writing the Philosophy Book, Battin, Spring 2018

Metaphysics, Siebels-Peterson & Schupbach, Fall 2018

Nietzsche, Millgram, Fall 2018

Perception, Stokes, Fall 2018

Bioethics, Battin & Friedman, Spring 2019

Classical Chinese Philosophy, Hutton, Spring 2019

Early Modern Rationalists, Newmann, Spring 2019

*Inductive Logic, Schupbach, Spring 2019

*Free Will, Keith Lehrer, Fall 2019

*Pragmatism, Millgram, Fall 2019

*John Locke, Newmann, Spring 2020

*Philosophy of the Daodejing, Hutton, Fall 2020

At The University of Oklahoma:

Epistemology, Priselac, Fall 2014

Philosophy of Religion, Judisch, Fall 2014

Plato, Benson, Spring 2015

Aristotle, Benson, Fall, 2015

Philosophy of Physics, Hawthorne, Fall 2015

Formal Systems & Logic, Hawthorne, Spring 2016

Ethics, Zagzebski, Spring 2016

Early Chinese Philosophy, Olberding, Fall 2016

Published Works

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Honors and Awards

Tanner Humanities Research Fellowship

2022 - 2023

DEE Foundation Grant 

      "Mind the Body: Creativity, Improvisation, & Play in

       Philosophy and Dance" An Interdisciplinary

       Conference/Workshop for philosophers & artists



Tanner Research Faculty Supplemental Support Grant


MHTN attitude|design Keynote Honorarium 


Tanner Excellence Award for Events and Service 


Graduate Term Afield Research Fellowship

2019 - 2020

2017 - Present

Utah Doctoral Research Fellowship

Professional Affiliations

Southwestern Philosophical Society

2022 -Present

Southern Society of Philosophy & Psychology

2021 - Present

2020 - Present

American Philosophical Association

Vision Science Society

2020 -2021



Global Voices

Publons Profile

University of Utah Chapter - MAP Officer

Organization and Events Officer

Presentations and Invited Lectures

Expertise Isn't Flying, It's Falling with Style!

(Winner of the Best Graduate Essay Prize)

Rocky Mountain ASA, Santa Fe NM (2023) [Program]

Invited Commentary: "Approaching the Wu-Wei Paradox Through the Lens of Cognitive Science: A Possible Interpretation of the Daodejing"

Central APA Meeting, Denver CO (2023)

The Role of Creativity in Skilled Action and Expertise

Uehiro Graduate Philosophy Conference, Spring 2022 [Program]

Gateway Graduate Philosophy Conference, Spring 2022 [Program]

Enactivism and Phenomenology: State of the Dialog,

Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic, Fall 2021 [Program];

Southern Society for Philosophy & Psychology, Spring 2022 [Program]

Getting Sophisticated: In Favor of Hybrid Views of Skilled Action in Expertise

Virtual Vision Futures, VISTA - Center of Vision Research

York University, Summer 2021 [Program];

U of U Philosophy Club Guest Lecture Series, Fall 2021 [Program]

The Limits & Future of Holistic Visual Processing in Visual Expertise

MHTN Architecture attitude|design Lecture Series

Salt Lake City, Summer 2021. [Program]

Perceptual Expertise & Creative Diversity in Design

The Social Moral and Political Impact of Virtual Technology, Santiago Chile, Spring 2021. [Program]

Responsible Automation in the Digital Age

Intermountain Philosophy Conference, University of Utah, Fall 2020 [Program]

Procedural Automaticity and Holistic Cognition in Expert Activity

Vision Sciences Society, St. Petersburg Florida, Summer 2020

[Program] [Poster]

Through the Eyes of the Experts

Southwest Seminar in Continental Philosophy, University of Utah, Spring 2019 [Program]

Nietzsche: Artist, Creator, Educator

Intermountain Philosophy Conference, Utah Valley University, Fall 2019 [Program]

Nature's Way (Or the Way of the Sage): A resolution to the pragmatic contradiction of the Daodejing

Intermountain Philosophy Conference, University of Utah, Fall 2018

Leibniz: A Compatibilist Account of Contingency​


University of Southern Illinois, Edwardsville (2015); Marist College (2015);

University of San Diego (2016);

University of Oklahoma (2016);

University of Central Oklahoma (2016)

ASA: Rocky Mountain Division, 2023

Best Graduate Essay Award: Center for Philosophical Study

Professional Service

Referee & Review Work

Phenomenology & the Cognitive Sciences, Since 2021

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Since 2023

Conference Organizer

Action & Ethics: How, Why, Ought [Program]

Mind the Body: Creativity, Improvisation, and Play in Philosophy & Dance [Website Program]

MAP Officer: Events, Web Design

2021 - Present

Founder, President Utah Graduate Student Committee

2022-3, Faculty Liaison & Grad Representative (Attends Faculty Meetings to represent Graduate Student Interests)

University of Utah Tutor for Deductive Logic

2022 - Present

Graduate Reading Group Founder, Organizer

Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Summer 2019.  [Syllabus]

Sellars' Empiricism & the Philosophy of Mind, Fall  2019 

Invited Speaker Seminar: Sarah Buss, Spring 2019.

Thompson's Life & Action, Spring  2020 

Heidegger's Being & Time Div. I, Summer 2020.  [Syllabus]

McDowell's Mind & World, Summer 2020. [Syllabus]

Kant's Critique of Practical Judgment, Summer 2021 [Syllabus]

Simone Weil's Gravity & Grace, Summer 2022 [Syllabus]

Graduate Student Works In Progress Talks Host

Graduate Student Committee for Tenure & Retention Review

2017 - Present

Applying to Graduate School in Philosophy Workshop

Summer 2021, 2022

Selected Non-Academic Work

McAllister & Quinn | Grant Writer, Reviewer, Editor, 2022 - Present

Liberty Mountain Sports | Systems Administrator, | 2017 - 2021

University of Oklahoma IT Support | Helpdesk & Service Delivery Specialist | 2014 - 2017

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