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Area of Specialization: Cognitive Science, Action, Visual Search

Areas of Competence: Mind & Perception, Epistemology, Existentialism, Early Chinese Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Religion


PhD - University of Utah, Philosophy - in progress

BS - University of Oklahoma, Philosophy, December 2016

Spencer A. Ivy

Link to Full CV [Here]
Updated: June 10th, 2023

Graduate Coursework

At The University of Utah (*Audits):

Aristotle, Siebels-Peterson, Fall 2017

Personal Identity, Millgram, Fall 2017

Practical Reasoning, Andreou, Fall 2017

Adv. Deductive Logic, Schupbach, Spring 2018

Attention: Art & Aesthetics, Stokes, Spring 2018

Writing the Philosophy Book, Battin, Spring 2018

Metaphysics, Siebels-Peterson & Schupbach, Fall 2018

Nietzsche, Millgram, Fall 2018

Perception, Stokes, Fall 2018

Bioethics, Battin & Friedman, Spring 2019

Classical Chinese Philosophy, Hutton, Spring 2019

Early Modern Rationalists, Newmann, Spring 2019

*Inductive Logic, Schupbach, Spring 2019

*Free Will, Keith Lehrer, Fall 2019

*Pragmatism, Millgram, Fall 2019

*John Locke, Newmann, Spring 2020

*Philosophy of the Daodejing, Hutton, Fall 2020

At The University of Oklahoma:

Epistemology, Priselac, Fall 2014

Philosophy of Religion, Judisch, Fall 2014

Plato, Benson, Spring 2015

Aristotle, Benson, Fall, 2015

Philosophy of Physics, Hawthorne, Fall 2015

Formal Systems & Logic, Hawthorne, Spring 2016

Ethics, Zagzebski, Spring 2016

Early Chinese Philosophy, Olberding, Fall 2016

Published Works

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Honors and Awards

Tanner Humanities Research Fellowship

2022 - 2023

DEE Foundation Grant 

      "Mind the Body: Creativity, Improvisation, & Play in

       Philosophy and Dance" An Interdisciplinary

       Conference/Workshop for philosophers & artists



Tanner Research Faculty Supplemental Support Grant


MHTN attitude|design Keynote Honorarium 


Tanner Excellence Award for Events and Service 


Graduate Term Afield Research Fellowship

2019 - 2020

2017 - Present

Utah Doctoral Research Fellowship

Professional Service

Referee & Review Work

Phenomenology & the Cognitive Sciences, Since Fall 2021

Action & Ethics: How, Why, Ought [Program]

Mind the Body: Creativity, Improvisation, and Play in Philosophy & Dance [Website Program]

Conference Organizer

MAP Officer: Events, Web Design

2021 - Present

Founder, President Utah Graduate Student Committee

2022-3, Faculty Liaison & Grad Representative (Attends Faculty Meetings to represent Graduate Student Interests)

University of Utah Tutor for Deductive Logic

2022 - Present

Graduate Reading Group Founder, Organizer

Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Summer 2019.  [Syllabus]

Sellars' Empiricism & the Philosophy of Mind, Fall  2019 

Invited Speaker Seminar: Sarah Buss, Spring 2019.

Thompson's Life & Action, Spring  2020 

Heidegger's Being & Time Div. I, Summer 2020.  [Syllabus]

McDowell's Mind & World, Summer 2020. [Syllabus]

Kant's Critique of Practical Judgment, Summer 2021 [Syllabus]

Simone Weil's Gravity & Grace, Summer 2022 [Syllabus]

Graduate Student Works In Progress Talks Host

Graduate Student Committee for Tenure & Retention Review

2017 - Present

Applying to Graduate School in Philosophy Workshop

Summer 2021, 2022

Professional Affiliations

Southwestern Philosophical Society

2022 -Present

Southern Society of Philosophy & Psychology

2021 - Present

2020 - Present

American Philosophical Association

Vision Science Society

2020 -2021



Global Voices

Publons Profile

University of Utah Chapter - MAP Officer

Organization and Events Officer

Selected Non-Academic Work

McAllister & Quinn | Grant Writer, Reviewer, Editor, 2022 - Present

Liberty Mountain Sports | Systems Administrator, | 2017 - 2021

University of Oklahoma IT Support | Helpdesk & Service Delivery Specialist | 2014 - 2017

Presentations and Invited Lectures

Expertise Isn't Flying, It's Falling with Style!

(Winner of the Best Graduate Essay Prize)

Rocky Mountain ASA, Santa Fe NM (2023) [Program]

Invited Commentary: "Approaching the Wu-Wei Paradox Through the Lens of Cognitive Science: A Possible Interpretation of the Daodejing"

Central APA Meeting, Denver CO (2023)

The Role of Creativity in Skilled Action and Expertise

Uehiro Graduate Philosophy Conference, Spring 2022 [Program]

Gateway Graduate Philosophy Conference, Spring 2022 [Program]

Enactivism and Phenomenology: State of the Dialog,

Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic, Fall 2021 [Program];

Southern Society for Philosophy & Psychology, Spring 2022 [Program]

Getting Sophisticated: In Favor of Hybrid Views of Skilled Action in Expertise

Virtual Vision Futures, VISTA - Center of Vision Research

York University, Summer 2021 [Program];

U of U Philosophy Club Guest Lecture Series, Fall 2021 [Program]

The Limits & Future of Holistic Visual Processing in Visual Expertise

MHTN Architecture attitude|design Lecture Series

Salt Lake City, Summer 2021. [Program]

Perceptual Expertise & Creative Diversity in Design

The Social Moral and Political Impact of Virtual Technology, Santiago Chile, Spring 2021. [Program]

Responsible Automation in the Digital Age

Intermountain Philosophy Conference, University of Utah, Fall 2020 [Program]

Procedural Automaticity and Holistic Cognition in Expert Activity

Vision Sciences Society, St. Petersburg Florida, Summer 2020

[Program] [Poster]

Through the Eyes of the Experts

Southwest Seminar in Continental Philosophy, University of Utah, Spring 2019 [Program]

Nietzsche: Artist, Creator, Educator

Intermountain Philosophy Conference, Utah Valley University, Fall 2019 [Program]

Nature's Way (Or the Way of the Sage): A resolution to the pragmatic contradiction of the Daodejing

Intermountain Philosophy Conference, University of Utah, Fall 2018

Leibniz: A Compatibilist Account of Contingency​


University of Southern Illinois, Edwardsville (2015); Marist College (2015);

University of San Diego (2016);

University of Oklahoma (2016);

University of Central Oklahoma (2016)

ASA: Rocky Mountain Division, 2023

Best Graduate Essay Award: Center for Philosophical Study

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