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My Teaching Philosophy... Philosophy

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Photo: Reason & Rational Decision Making (Online)

Education is for Everyone

I love to teach. I believe that there is no greater feeling than seeing the eyes of a student light up with an idea, or their leaning forward into a desk as if to draw themselves physically closer to some new insight. Often times, these insights are shared, others they simply find their way onto the private pages of notebooks to be forgotten until they are needed.  Nevertheless, whether these ideas make their way into the classroom or not, it is my privilege and joy to see them invented. I believe that the educational experience ought to be a transmission of the capacity for such insights from professor to student. Thus, in the mode of teacher, I play the role of midwife, or conduit through which new, electric insight might be born out in the minds of my students. I do not take it as my goal to impart 'the facts' nor to teach 'the truth,' but rather to offer the necessary tools (lessons) to my students so that they may arrive at the truth for themselves - to experience the joy of insight and wonder in creativity that they are each capable of.  I am always experimenting with my strategies and course design to achieve these goals, and hope that these experiments might help other teachers and course designers. To this end, my syllabi and some selected lectures are available below.

Check out my YouTube Channel with all of my lectures free and open to the public: [Here]

Teaching Assistant - 7 Semesters

Introduction to Logic

University of Oklahoma, 2014-2016 (3 sections)

University of Utah, Spring 2018

Reason & Rational Decision Making

University of Utah, Fall 2018

Introduction to Philosophy

University of Utah, Spring 2019

Mind, Language, & Reality

University of Utah, Spring 2021

Cognitive Science

Course Instructor - 8 Semesters

Reason & Rational Decision Making (Online), 1250

University of Utah, Summer 2019; 2020

Syllabus [Here]

University of Utah, Spring 2020

Syllabus [Here]

Theories of Knowledge, 3300

University of Utah, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Spring 2022

Link to Video Lectures [Here]

Syllabus [Here]

Introduction to Philosophy, 1000

University of Utah, Summer 2021, 2022

Link to Video Lectures [Here]

Syllabus [Here]

Existentialism (Online), 3810

Selected Lecture Presentations

Phenomenology & The Flow State

Originally Taught: Cognitive Science Spring, 2021

Link to Powerpoint Lecture [Here]

Originally Taught: Intro to Philosophy Fall, 2020

Link to Powerpoint Lecture [Here]

Proofs For God's Existence & The Problem of Evil

Originally Taught: Intro to Philosophy, Spring 2022

Link to Video Lecture [Here]

What is it "To Know Through Dance?": Philosophers and Dancers in Motion and Conversation 

Originally Taught: Existentialism Summer, 2021

Link to Video Lecture [Here]

The Ethics of Ambiguity

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