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About Me

I am a Doctoral Candidate of Philosophy at the University of Utah. I work primarily in the Philosophy of Action and Cognitive Science. My research includes work on creative automaticity, expertise, and the aesthetics of technology.  In my off time, I love adventuring outdoors: skiing in between trees, climbing up big rocks, and backpacking in the desert. I also enjoy karaoke and writing awful poetry.

My Research (in a nutshell)

Most of my work centers around understanding the relationship between automaticity and conscious thought in skilled action and expertise. My main inspiration comes from a fascination with Flow States. I believe that the metaphysics and aesthetics of what we colloquially call 'effortless action' are windows into a collectively loved (though enigmatic) feature of the human experience. It is my goal to bring both academic and pedagogical attention to the phenomenon of flow in my research and teaching, respectively.